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How to Contribute to Bookhooks

How to contribute to BookhooksBookhooks has been designed to allow input and content development from its users. Here are some ways that you and your students can add to the content on the site for the benefit of the Bookhooks community:

  1. Add genre-related questions that serve to provide report starters. How? Go to Write a report, click on 'Get a Question' and 'Add a Question' on the pop-up window! All questions will be reviewed before being published on the Bookhooks website.

  2. Add a book-related quotation in Bookthoughts. The Add a quotation link is found atop the home page.

  3. Build Bookhooks into your lesson plans. Students are invited to submit word lists for our wordsearch puzzles (see Games). Send a list of 15-20 words and we will create and post a new wordsearch puzzle. We'll give you and your helpers credit!

  4. Send us a writing prompt for our Write On feature (see Games).

  5. Send us a quotation for the 'Think Like an Author' game (see Games).

  6. Have student create a list of 15-20 multiple-choice questions for our Shockwave Litquizzes (see Games).

  7. New! Add a biography of your favourite author.

  8. Of course, Bookhooks exists to publish your thoughtful book reviews in words, stories and pictures.

I welcome suggestions, criticisms, and ideas on how to improve the world's best Book Reporting website! Please help by spreading the word about this online resource. Thank you!

Adrian Hoad-Reddick,
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