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Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles for Active Readers

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Write On!
Get out those writing journals. Write On! gives you ideas for creative writing.

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The Brainslider

Find a competitor and go head-to-head on questions. This is a game of trivia and significant digits!



Play TumbleWord: Find a nine-letter word scrambled in a tumbling and twirling grid. A clue is provided to help you solve the anagram.


(require the Shockwave plug-in)

Louis Riel
Sir John A Macdonald
Butch O'Hare 
Bessie Coleman 
Galileo Galilei 
Amelia Earhart
Ben Franklin
Christopher Columbus

Amadeus Mozart
Martin Luther King, Jr.
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

Crossword Puzzles
The Goblet of Fire: Fourth Task

Computing History WEB / JAVA
Electricity WEB / JAVA
Rocks and Minerals WEB / JAVA
30 Years of History WEB / JAVA
U.S. Presidential Parade WEB / JAVA
Timeless Children's Authors

Glacial Ice WEB / JAVA
Wolves WEB / JAVA
Harry Potter WEB / JAVA
Math Marvel WEB / JAVA
Stellar Space WEB / JAVA
Dinosaur WEB / JAVA
Science WEB / JAVA
Mixed Up Christmas WEB / JAVA

United States Fill-In WEB / JAVA

Assorted Games
Sweet Pea Photo Scrambler
April Foolery
Cure-ious Wordladder
Earth Pay Day
The Poem Machine
Ordinal Numbers Quiz
Pen Pals "PEN" Words Quiz
The Game Show Game
Garden Gander Game
Tennis Word Scramble
Amazing Word Scramble
Korea Quiz
Authorial Mad-Lib
Taking notes Word Game
Down Under Words
Olympic Sports Scramble
You OTTER Like These....
Colors That Are Things
United States Fill-In

Game Show Quizzes
Harry Potter Game Show Quiz
Buoyancy Game Show Quiz
Snowy Quiz

Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah Quiz


You will find a hundreds of fun and challenging word games on the Hoadworks website



Our challenging Harry 6 crossword puzzle. The crossword should be avoided by those who have not finished the book, as it is grievously cursed with spoilers.

Try the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Cover Scrambler!

Unscramble the U.S.A. (harder) or Canadian (easier) covers of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Solve the Great Gatsby Crossword Puzzle or tackle the Classic Books Crossword

Try our Book Cover Scrambler featuring our most popular books. Put the cover back together in record time!

The Fourth Task: A Goblet of Fire Crossword Challenge for Muggles

Know the BFG from the Chokey? Test yourself in the Roald Dahl Literature Quiz or learn more about Dahl in his BioQuiz

Scrambled Book Covers Click on the cover and then piece it back together in record time!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Cover Scrambler

Airborn Scrambler

Clive Barker's Abarat

Hmmm - what novel is this?

Hmm - what book is't?

Thief Lord Cover Scrambler