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Preparing Images for Submission to Bookhooks

Bookhooks reports may feature text and/or images. Images may be scanned drawings, paintings, photographs, or illustrations produced in computer drawing applications such as KidPix - we encourage any illustrative material to support the student's response to the story. A photographs of the reviewer with the book works well, too! Please follow these guidelines when uploading images:

  • Images must be GIFs.
  • Resize images to 225 pixels wide (the graphic window is anchored by that width, and the length will be set proportionately). Larger or smaller images WILL be resized automatically by the browser, and some distortion may occur.
  • THIS SIDE UP! Ensure that your images are oriented properly.
  • Large graphics files will be deleted from the reports, so please optimize images for the web
  • Please do not violate copyright laws in publishing illustrative material
  • Please ensure that information about the student is not contained in the image. First name and last initial is okay

    Younger students are welcome to submit graphical book reports, using the text body of the report as a caption for their visual art!


NEW! Thanks to the very generous people at CFDEV, you can now upload images directly from your scanner or digital camera using ActiveScan!

Complete your report as usual and select option #2 from the image upload screen.