One of the most popular books on Bookhooks is
by Andrew Clements. Press Scramble and then piece the cover back together!

The fastest fingers belong to

Alaska P. of Easthampton, MA 29 seconds
Monika C of Easthampton, MA 28 seconds
Emily D. of Easthampton, MA 26 seconds
Bethany B. of Wellington, New Zealand 25 seconds
Kasia Bushnell from Chandler, Arizona 22 seconds
David Powlison Naples, Florida 20 seconds
Brian Kettle of Sarnia, Ontario 19 seconds
N. Mae C. of Easthampton, MA 19 seconds
Marcus Seegmiller, Waterloo, Ontario 17 seconds
Dominic Distel, Guelph 17 seconds
Warren Haydock, Guelph, Ontario 16 seconds
Tyler Harrington, Guelph, Ontario 15 seconds
Jayne Clarke, Waterloo, Ontario 14 seconds

Ian N. of Easthampton, MA 10 seconds!

Email us if you beat 0:30 seconds and we'll add your name to the Hall of Fame